Download APK for Android Apps & Games

APK for Android Apps

Are you android users? Android is the most popular operating systems in the world that is used many smartphones. Android smartphone is not only used for communication purposes, but you can also play games and install some cool android apps. In addition, installing android apps and games is also very easy because your android devices have play store as the source of your apps. In addition to downloading and installing Android apps from the Play Store, you are also able to download the APK file manually and install it manually too.

Some Android App Categories

There are thousands of Android apps that are available to download and they are divided into a few categories. The android app is also divided into two type whether you want to install Regular apps or Games.

Android Apps

You can download so many apps on the Play Store in just one tap. You can find the category so that you can easily find the selected app. Meanwhile, there are more than 10 categories available to choose such as Art and Design, Photography, Family, Music and Audio, Entertainment, Shopping, Personalization, Social, Communication, and much more. For instance, if you want to download Camera app, you can go to Photography or if you want to download some social media chat apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, then you can go to the Social category.

Android Games

Android games are also available in Play Store and you can also directly install it on your device. Somehow, Android games also have some categories such as entertainment , action, adventure, arcade, Music, Racing, Simulation, Sports, and much more. For instance, if you want to download Need For Speed or Asphalt 8, then you can find them on the Racing category. If you want to install Pro Evolution Mobile or FIFA, then you can go to the Sports category. There are thousands of games that you can download from Google Play Store or you can also download the APK files manually from third party websites.

Downloading and Installing Android Apps

Basically, it is not that difficult to install an android app or android game on your device. You only need to have an android device that has enough storage and RAM Memory.

Downloading and Installing Android Apps from Play Store

When you prefer to download it from Play Store, you need to have a Google account and make sure you have logged in to your device. Each app or android game has its own description and rating. So, you can check the rating before downloading. Play Store also has a search box on the top part that can help you search any apps or games according to your wishes. Once you find the app you want to download, you just tap “Install”.

APK for Android Apps
APK for Android Apps

Downloading and Installing APK from Third Party Sources

The basic file of android app and game has APK format. This allows you to install android apps manually. In this case, you only need to download the APK files from a third party website. You cannot download the APK file from Play Store. Somehow, if you do not find the app on Play Store, downloading from the third-party website can be a good option. First of all, you can search the APK file on Google Search. Then, you choose a trusted website to download the APK file. The APK file will be saved into your device storage. So, you can browse APK file in the download folder and install it manually or double tap the APK file. Before installing the APK file, you also need to remember that you have enabled the unknown source in the setting, otherwise, the app cannot be installed. After you enable it, then you can follow the installation instruction and then the app will appear on your home screen.

Top Popular Social Media Apps for Android in 2018
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Top Popular Social Media Apps for Android in 2018

In this digital era, everybody is connected to the internet and they can even communicate in real-time through the internet. Most of them also use android devices where they can install some social media apps to make their interaction more effective and efficient also joining Speaking of the Android app, there are some top popular social media apps for android that you must install in 2018.


Facebook is a social media network that is very popular and even in 2018 Facebook is also predicted to be more popular with the highest number of Android app installations. The appearance of the navigation menu and the features really captivate the hearts of its users so they do not want to turn to other social media networks.


Instagram also becomes the most popular social media apps that are used on Android devices. By the end of 2018, the number of Instagram users also get a significant increase. Instagram becomes the best app to share short videos and photos with others. Both Instagram and Facebook are available on Play Store, so Android users can directly download them.


The next popular social media app on android is Twitter. Twitter users based on mobile also gets a significant increase because twitter still becomes the best platform to share gossip and brief information. It is also easy to install Twitter on Android devices because it is also available on Play Store.



The path has been so popular since 2013 and it also gets more and more users, everybody. The path is not only available on mobile but also the desktop. It means that users cannot only download Path app on their Android device, but they can also still access it on their PC. The path is basically similar to other social media platforms where users can share anything with others through texts, videos, and images.


Google+ is the official social media platform developed by Google, but it is not as popular as Facebook and Twitter. However, the number of Google+ is also big enough where they can also share their feelings with others. Some Android devices even already have pre-installed Google+, so the android users do not need to download it anymore.

Finally, those are a few top popular social media network apps for android devices that you can download and install in 2018. It seems that the popularity of these platforms will never die and it will become more popular in the future.

Some Cool Android Apps Which Are Not Available on Play Store
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Some Cool Android Apps Which Are Not Available on Play Store

Where do usually download apps and games on your android device? Of course, most of the Android users will count on the Google Play Store. Play Store is the official app store that is specifically developed for Android devices. Every android device has Play Store. You can download so many apps on Play Stores. But, there are some cool android apps such as that you cannot find on Play Store. Read these following nice apps that you can install on your Android device, but it is not available on Play Store.


Ymusic is the first android app that you cannot download from the Play Store. This is a cool music app that allows you to stream many songs from YouTube. Basically, you can listen to music, but it is taken from YouTube. So, you will only listen to the voice without video. If you want to download Ymusic apk, you can search it on Google and choose a trusted website to download.


Mobdro is a cool entertainment app for Android users that allow you to watch some TV shows and movies on your android device. You can live stream a lot of TV channels online according to your wishes. Moreover, this app is also totally free, but you cannot find it on the Play Store. So, you must download it from a third party website or you just search on Google with a keyword “download Mobdro APK”.

WiFi Kill

The next cool app for Android devices goes to Wifi Kill, but it is considered a bad app despite it is very sophisticated. Using this app, you can disconnect other people android devices when they are connected to the same Wifi networks. So, you can get full bandwidth because no users will connect to the Wifi, but you. Somehow, this app is also not available on Play Store, but you can download it from other websites.

WiFi Kill
WiFi Kill


If you are currently using Spotify or Joox, then you may switch to Fildo that works similarly to Joox or Spotify which allows you to stream music for free on your Android device. There are millions of songs available to listen for free. In addition, you can also download the songs to your device without any costs. Unfortunately, if you want to download this app, you need to install the Fildo Apk manually and download it from a trusted third party website.

Downloading and Installing DU Recorder APP
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Downloading and Installing DU Recorder APP

Recording your android device screen is always possible because you only need to download and install DU Recorder APK. DU Recorder is a very popular screen recorder that is compatible with any android devices. Anyway, let us find out the features of DU Recorder and how to install DU Recorder app on your android device.

Features of DU Recorder

According to its name, DU Recorder is an android app that you can install just in case you want to record your screen and convert it into a video. It is important if you want to make a video tutorial about the android app usage. In fact, DU Recorder offers some cool features that you may not find on other screen recorder apps such as:

–    DU Recorder is totally free of charge, no need to buy the app

–    You do not need to root your android device to use it

–    Unlimited screen recording

–    It provides high-quality video up to 1080p

–    Nice user interface with more than 20 languages

–    You can also record your device screen while live streaming on Facebook and YouTube

–    You can edit the video including video trimming, combining video, add a background, adjust video volume

Installing Du Recorder

How to install DU Recorder APK? Du Recorder is actually available on Play Store, so you can just directly open your Play Store and search for DU Recorder. Once you find it, then you can install it. After the installation, you can just launch the app and start recording your device screen. In addition, you can also live stream using this DU Recorder.

What if you want to install it manually? In fact, downloading DU Recorder APK is also possible because it is also available in many third-party app websites. You can simply search on Google with a keyword “Download Du Recorder APK”, then you can select a trusted website such as to download. Next, save the downloaded file into a folder, then browse the folder and just tap the APK file to install. Make sure you have enabled the unknown source installation setting. Finally, the Du Recorder will appear on your menu.

du recorder
du recorder

Well, that’s all about the features of DU Recorder app and how to download DU Recorder on your android device. Now, you can try to download it and record your device screen for fun or for tutorial purposes.

Top Popular Android Games 2018 to Download
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Top Popular Android Games 2018 to Download

In the past, you could only play games on a game console or a PC. Now, you can play games anytime and anywhere using your smartphone. With modern technology on smartphones, browsing the internet ,  chatting, sending e-mails, even playing games can be done easily. You can download and play so many android games according to your wishes, but we would like to recommend you top popular android games in 2018.

PUBG Mobile

Tencent Games has released a new game with the Battle Royale genre which is very popular today called PUBG. PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is only compatible with high-end Android devices. This game allows you to play a character and join a battle war. You can collect some items and guns to fight against other players.


This game is quite exciting because you have to help two brothers to cross the mysterious labyrinth and have to avoid various obstacles. Parallyzed has an interesting art style and arrangement and has energy in blue and orange that must be avoided. You only need to make these two brothers run, jump and move places.

Shadow Fight 3

This action game is also very exciting and entertaining The third series of Shadow Fight allows you to fight against shadows. Shadow Fight is a very smooth fighting game and it is also developed specifically Android devices with touchscreen. You can play individually or play in multiplayer mode and fight against other players. Just like other fighting games, this game tries to gather energy and fight the enemy and become a winner.

Arena of Valor

This game is categorized as MOBA game which is currently still popular among worldwide gamers. The Arena of Valor has many characters from DC heroes to local heroes. This Tencent MOBA game also has good graphics quality and is suitable for any android devices. The game size is not too large, so you can still play in on a low-end Android device.

Arena of Valor
Arena of Valor

Cover Fire

This game belongs to a fighting game that allows you to shoot enemies. This game is so much fun and will not make you feel bored because the guns used are solid and the settings and the animations are satisfying to observe. Moreover, there is also a real story to play. In addition, this game also has good graphics quality just like a PC game.

Asphalt 9 Legends

The 9th Asphalt franchise series is arguably the best arcade-racing game for android device today. Not only from graphics that are greatly improved from its predecessor of Asphalt 8, but the new Touch drive feature on Asphalt 9 is also incredible where players can play with one hand to add excitement and uniqueness to this game.

Installing Android Apps and Games on PC
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Installing Android Apps and Games on PC

Downloading Android apps and games from Google Play Store is basically very easy and simple. You can install so many android apps on your android devices as long as you have sufficient storage. In a certain case, your Android device is broken, but you intend to install Android games or apps on your PC. Can you install android apps and games on PC? Let us find out how you can install APK or android apps on your computer easily.

Can you install android apps and games on PC Windows?

Perhaps, you wonder if you can install APK files or Android apps on your Windows PC  because we know that APK is only compatible with Android devices. Of course, you can install android apps on Windows PC, but you need to create a virtual android device first. How to create a virtual android device? Simply, you can install an android emulator such as BlueStack, Nox App Player, or Memu on your PC. This android emulator will work as your virtual Android device where you can install so many android apps as you wish.

How to install android apps and games on PC Windows?

Now, you know that you need to install an android emulator so you can install android apps. Somehow, you have no idea how to install it manually. Perhaps, you can consider these following tips on installing Android apps for PC.

  • Download an Android emulator

First of all, you need to download an android emulator before installing the APK file. Let us say that you choose BlueStack. You can download Bluestack from its official website. Then, you can install the Bluestack on your PC just like when you install a PC program or PC app.

  • Download the APK files

After installing the Android emulator, then you can download the APK file. For instance, you may download the Subway Surfer game, so you can search Subway Surfing APK on Google Search. You can visit a trusted third party website. Then, save the downloaded APK file into your PC folder.

Installing Android Apps and Games on PC
Installing Android Apps and Games on PC
  • Installing the APK files

If you want to install the APK file, then you can run the BlueStack. Next, you can browse the downloaded APK in the folder. Once you click the APK file, the installation process will begin. But, make sure you also already enable the unknown source in the setting so you can install android apps manually. After the installation is done, then the app icon will show up on your android emulator home screen.